Disaster preparedness is a challenge for anybody. It is never easy to plan for unexpected events, and make sure you will have everything you need to stay safe and healthy in the event of an emergency. However, living with a disability often means you may have extra considerations to think about when preparing for an emergency. With that in mind, we wanted to share with you some tips to help you be prepared should disaster strike, and help ensure that you are able to live a life without limits– no matter the situation!

Create a support network
. Being prepared for a disaster is not an activity that can be done solo. One of the best ways to be ready, for whatever comes your way, is to create a support network of people who know your needs, and know how to help. To ensure that your support network is as effective as possible, make sure that it includes people from various aspects of your life. That could be: friends, family, caregivers, peers, coworkers, or even professionals who know how to help you.

You also need to keep your support network in the loop. They should know everything they need to know in order to support you, just in case you are not able to communicate with them later. This could include: evacuation plans for your home, how to contact relatives or other important individuals in case of an emergency, and the locations of medication or other medical supplies you may need. In addition to having a local support network, it is also a good idea to include somebody on your team who is located elsewhere. This way they may still be able to make calls for you or contact important people, even if you do not have access to the internet or a phone line on a local level!

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