Social Media

List of Social Media Platforms that UCP of MetroBoston utilize in order to share information and interact with our online audience.


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Facebook –


Facebook is UCP of MetroBoston’s primary social media platform to share our stories, events, and disability related information.  In recent years, we stopped posting photo albums on our Facebook page in favor of linking to photo albums on our website in order to increase traffic to our site.


Twitter –


Twitter is our secondary social media platform.  Many of the post shared on Facebook also are shared on Twitter.  We have plans to expand our use of Twitter in the coming months during our fundraising events.


YouTube –

21 Subscribers | 10,000+ Views

24 Videos Uploads total to our channel.  They include private agency, training, program, event, and My Ability Videos.

YouTube serves as our primary video platform.  All of our videos are uploaded to YouTube the videos are shared on Social Media or embedded on to our website.

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