Shubert is a specially trained facility dog who works at Day Hab Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday with his facilitator, Anna Martin, OTR/L

What does Shubert do at UCP?

  • Shubert knows over 40 commands, which he uses to help clients work on their therapeutic communication, movement, leisure and behavioral goals, with oversight of Anna
  • He can offer gentle love and reassurance with a “lap??? or “visit??? command.   He can sit with people during challenging transition times, such as when a van is running late.
  • He can help clients reach mobility goals while taking him for daily walks.
  • He can activate switches and encourage communication by giving him commands.
  • He is an excellent listener and can turn pages in a book to help work on reading goals.
  • Shubert’s favorite game is fetch and loves it when people throw his toys to chase!
  • Shubert can attend community outings, when appropriate to support integration of therapeutic goals in community settings.
  • Research shows facility dogs can help  decrease anxiety, improve self-worth, and increase motivation and attention for therapeutic goals.

How was Shubert Trained?

Shubert has over 2 years of training from Canine Companions for Independence to be a  loving, well-mannered and responsive facility dog.  He and Anna maintain licensure and complete ongoing training together.  We are excited to have Shubert at UCP and hope you to meet him!



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