Community Experience is an unique program offering specialized services to cognitively high-level adults with physical disabilities. Individuals play an active role with staff and therapist support. Consumers work on their goals in group-based classes and activities, incorporating technology, arts, fitness and community membership. Community Experience features a technology lab with adaptive therapeutic equipment.  The Community Experience program emphasizes on acquiring independent living skills. In addition, individuals are integrated into their community through participation in many off-site activities. Individuals may, for instance select volunteer opportunities they want to pursue.

Services provided by the  Community Experience program includes:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Nursing supervision
  • Information, referrals and social work services
  • Daily living skills
  • Physical therapy
  • Developmental skills training
  • Behavioral intervention
  • Functional living skills
  • Community integration activities


Michael Janosch 
Director of Day Services
For more information about Community Experience, please contact UCP at (617) 924-2771 or send an e-mail.