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UCP Partners with UNO Pizzeria & Grill

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UCP is partnering with UNO Pizzeria and Grill!  From April 13 through April 20, all you have to do is print out this ticket and bring it with you to any participating UNO locations.  A portion of your check will come right back to support our programs and services! The more people that go, the more money we raise to continue advancing out mission of advancing the independence, full citizenship and productivity of people with disabilities. Please print and share the ticket with your  friends and families.  Thank you for your support!

Participating UNOs locations: Dedham, Harvard Square, Huntington Ave, Boylston Street, and Kenmore Square.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

In honor of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, we asked Phil what he thought the world should know about Cerebral Palsy.  See what he had to say.

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Cirlce Painting at Community Experience

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The Painting Group at Community Experience learned about Russian painter Kandinsky and created their own impressions of his circle paintings.

Special Guests at the Connections Group

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The Connections Group at our day services program received a visit from a Veterinarian and a dog named Jackie.  The group invited Susan, a Veterinarian, to come speak to them about her job. They also had Emily (a Marquardt volunteer) and her dog, Jackie, come so that they could all pet the dog and ask questions about her.

Each group member was given an opportunity to ask questions about Susan's job and they prepared their questions before her visit.  Each person knew exactly what they wanted to say and when to say it and the whole exchange was effortless and very educational.  Some of the clients were able to ask their questions independently while other clients were able to ask questions using a device that played pre-recorded questions. UCP group leaders also assisted clients by reading out loud questions that clients had written down.  All group participants were very interested in what Susan had to say and listened intently.

UCP Wheels for Humanity

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UCP Wheels for Humanity sent 200 wheelchairs to the Philippines to assist the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. To read more about their action response,  click here.  You can help with their efforts by donating to their cause here.

Brian's Livescribe Pen

    • Brian's Live Scribe Pen

Submitted by Brenda

Here is Brian using his Livescribe pen. The pen is beneficial because Brian can activate the pen with one hand independently and can record his school lectures and can record his own voice since he cannot write. He has set up an Evernote account and keeps his files there. What he records can be retrieved on his computer to be used at a later date. Brian thinks the smart pen is amazing and thinks it will be very helpful with his school work as he continues to master all of the features. We feel that it is great because it fosters independence thus increasing his self esteem in the school setting.

For more information about the Livescribe pen click here.

Happy New Year!

We'd like to wish you a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve. Happy New Year!

UCP Craft Fair Today! 12/20/13

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UCP's Craft Fair is being held at our Community Experience day program today until 2:30pm.  If you're in the Watertown area today, be sure to check it out.  There will be jewelry, holiday decorations, and even tasty treats.

Our Community Experience program is located at 122 Main Street Watertwon, MA 02472.  Hope to see you there!

Liz's Fundraising Success!

Liz shares the story of how she obtained a much needed adaptive shower chair through her own fundraising efforts and help from UCP.

Do you have a success story you want to share?  Send us an , we would love to feature your story on our website!

Citizen in Cyberspace

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Up until a couple of weeks ago, Charlie had to rely on his Personal Care Attendants or UCP Case Manager to browse the web.  With the help of Easter Seals, Charlie is now able to take on the web himself.   Charlie's laptop has been adapted so that he can use it from his power wheelchair.  The laptop sits on an articulating arm and his pointer can be controlled by a joystick that Charlie manipulates with his mouth.  Last week, Charlie made his first online purchase, a thermos, just in time for the cold weather.  When asked what he thought about his new laptop setup Charlie said, "It leads to my complete normal participation as a citizen in cyberspace."

Stepping Stones for Stella!

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Meet the inspiration for Team Stepping Stones for Stella!

Stella, a vivacious and energetic 4 ½ year old truly lives by our tagline…Life without limits… and through her family’s love, support and unstoppable drive they make it their mission to see that it happens every single day of Stella’s life. Stella has cerebral palsy.

Stella’s schedule is quite hectic as it’s filled with school, play dates, medical appointments, participating in an integrated gymnastics program with her aide, swooshing down the slopes in an adaptive ski program and playing with her sister Chloe creating unique arts and crafts activities or plays with their American Girl dolls. But Stella’s favorite activity is “hanging out at the beach” whether playing in the sand or swimming in the water. More to come on the beach!

Two years ago, Stella’s mom, Nicole reached out to UCP of MetroBoston in an effort to connect with other families who have children with disabilities; to share experiences, resources and could relate to everyday situations that impact their lives. She was driven to our organization when she read our tagline, since her personal philosophy mirrors ours. With the support of family, friends and the community, Nicole formed the ‘Walk and Roll’ Team Stepping Stones for Stella and to this day has raised thousands of dollars to support our organization. Our ‘Walk and Roll’ impacted Nicole in a way that she couldn’t imagine. While the Team was walking as a whole for Stella and individuals with disabilities, at the conclusion of the event she became a “just a parent watching the children have fun on the playground with other families who faced the same challenges that Stella does”.

Stella loves the beach but the daily summer outings are not without difficulties since pushing Stella’s wheelchair in the sand is not an easy task. Through the determination and help of her family, Stella’s grandfather who is an engineer, designed a children’s beach buggy to make the adventure of going to the beach a bit easier filled with smiles for all. See you on the beach, Stella!

For more information on Stella and her beach buggy, log on to:

Partnership with Northeastern Cad Lab

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Submitted by Ashley Pratte, MS CCC-SLP

Last month, I ventured to the Northeastern University Communication Analysis and Design Lab (Cad Lab) with Todd Kates and Shawn Ricketts. According to their website, they are “an interdisciplinary research group focused on the study of speech communication in typically developing talkers and individuals with neuromotor speech impairments; this basic science knowledge is then applied toward the design of technologies that enable, enrich, and enhance communication.” They have a lot of current projects that I think will be great in helping the communication needs of some of our clients in the future! One of the graduate students in the lab, Miriam Zisook, is interested in doing research into the social aspects of communication. Her eyes lit up when I told her we actually just started a Social Skills group at CE, so we invited her to come check it out! She decided that she’d like to start a project with some clients at CE where they design something that will represent social information that they would like conveyed to their communication partners. See sample pictures below. Here is a little more about Miriam and her project:

Ashley: Can you tell us a little bit about your graduate research thus far?

Miriam: I’m a second year phd student and I work on communication with people with disabilities. A lot of my work so far has had to do with using physiology which is different ways the body responds to stress and figuring out if we can learn from people’s emotions and behaviors from that. Now I’m trying to shift to thinking about social communication and, I think people design communication devices for really functional communication, like asking for things and saying basic needs, and not enough about social stuff. Like expressing their feelings and personality and who you are, and I want to work on involving people with disabilities in the design process. I’m hoping that means when we design stuff, it will actually reflect what people care about and want.

Ashley: Can you tell us what you’re hoping to learn from or accomplish her with us at UCP?

Miriam: Well, you have a really fun group of adults with disabilities, so I’m excited about getting involved on this side and being able to contribute to what they want these things to be, which is sort of exciting for me. I think figuring out what’s important to people and what they care about. Also, this is a place that people are being super patient with me learning how to do this so it’s a nice place to start the project, since people are so agreeable!

Ashley: Great, we’re really excited for this partnership!

Check Out Our Next Workshop!

The Profiles of Personal Care Settings workshop will be held at the Watertown Public Libary Wednesday, November 11, from 7pm - 8:30pm. This workshop will examine alternatives to group home and nursing home placement. Adult Family Care (AFC) and Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Management Services are different ways to provide resources, support and education to people with disabilities. These ways of meeting personal care needs enables these individuals to continuing living successfully in the community and pursuing their goals.

For more information please visit our workshop page.

Fun Times at Atlantic City

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United Cerebral Palsy of MetroBoston is committed to supporting its consumers in enriching their lives through new experiences in the community. John and Russell, from our residential program, took a trip to Atlantic City at the end of September. They loved staying in a hotel right near the famous boardwalk and visited the aquarium, the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not!” Museum, and several casinos to try their hand at the slot machines and blackjack tables. John said, “It was the time of my life!” and Russell is already making plans to go back!

Happy Halloween!

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Our annual Halloween Party was a hit!  In attendance was a Bumble Bee, a Witch, a Super Hero, and many more!  Everyone enjoyed tasty treats, pumpkin decorating, dancing, and bowling.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

For more photos please visit our Halloween Photo Album.

Save the Dates!

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We are pleased to announce our schedule of events for 2014! Whether you prefer food and wine, a day on the golf course, or family fun at the zoo, there is something for everyone! Join us as we celebrate...Life without Limits!

As the date nears, please check out Events Page for more information.

Happy 20th Anniversary Carla!

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Carla Guenette, Vice President of Program Services, celebrated her 20th anniversary with UCP on September 30th. Carla began working for UCP as the manager of one of the agency’s group homes. Now, in her role as vice president she is responsible for overseeing all the programs and departments that provide direct contact to individuals and families receiving supports from UCP as well as working with the agency’s various funding sources to develop new programs and to maintain the high quality of services that UCP is known for. Carla said that she has been with UCP for so many years because it’s provided her with growth opportunities and she truly loves her job. “I work with some wonderful people and I love getting to see growth in the people we support.”

When asked to tell us three things that people don’t know about her she paused and said, “That’s tough. I’ve been here so long that I don’t think I have any secrets anymore.” Here’s what she came up with… “Growing up my three favorite books were biographies of Hellen Keller and Louis Braille and a book called Wren which was about a girl with cerebral palsy so I guess it’s no surprise that I ended up working in the field of disabilities as my chosen career. I am a direct descendant of Mary Eastey and related to Rebecca Nurse, both of whom were hanged as witches during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. I played clarinet in my high school band and can still play some even though it’s been quite a few years since high school.”

Cortiva Institute Offering Free Massages to People with CP

Cortiva Institute is a massage therapy school located in Watertown.  Currently, Cortiva students are learning about disabilites, with a focus on cerebral palsy, and massage therapy.  They will be offering free massages to people with cerebral palsy on Saturday, November 2nd, at 10:30am.  At the moment, this will be only open to individuals that  are able to safely self transfer onto their massage tables.  Students are not yet able assist in transfers.

For more information and to RSVP, please contact David Orr at 617-361-2046.

Happy 5th Anniversary Hermilie & Felicia!

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We'd like to recognize two UCP employees who celebrated their 5th year anniversary working with UCP this month; Hermilie and Felicia.  We asked them to share with us some things we didn't know about them and here's what we found out:

Hermilie enjoys quiet and peaceful places and she gets butterflies when she has to speak publicly.

Felicia loves to dance and watch movies in her spare time, organize social events in her community, and she once was crowned Miss Nigerian Airways!


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Thank you to the Kippenhan family and friends for putting together such a great benefit concert! Just beCause was an amazing show made possible by a group of talented and passionate individuals.

For more photos from that evening please visit our photo album on Facebook.