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Congrats Ingrid! - Employee of the Quarter

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Congratulations to Ingrid Worrell on winning UCP’s Employee of the Quarter Award! Ingrid was chosen out of a group of four other outstanding employees. The person who nominated Ingrid said that she has the “ability to cope with added tasks and pressure, while remaining professional and composed...The home(s) are so well maintained which reflects a team of staff dedicated to UCP’s mission as directed by Ingrid. [She] has invested years of her career into developing relationships with her individuals and their families and it is clear when you attend the holiday party for her cluster as so many individuals and their family members make the time to attend and thank her for her efforts.”

UCP Awarded Two Children Voices Through VocaliD!


Thursday evening, UCP of MetroBoston awarded two children, Mateo Sodano, age 12, and Sean Hogan, age 11 their own voices through Dr. Patel’s innovative VocaliD technology! Needless to say Mateo and Sean’s families are elated, but this couldn’t have happened without your generous gifts that evening. During the next year, we will follow Mateo and Sean’s VocaliD journey and keep you updated on their progress!

2016 Campership Application Available!

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We just uploaded the Campership application for 2016.  To find out what other services we offer families, please visit our Family Support Services page here: http://www.ucpboston.org/programs-services/family-support-services

Click here to download the Campership Application: http://www.ucpboston.org/uploads/media_items/campershipapp.original.pdf

UCP of MetroBoston Partners with VOCALiD!


We are proud to announce that we have partnered with VOCALiD.  VOCALiD was founded by Rupal Patel, PhD in an effort to give individuals with disabilities a unique voice.

To learn more about VOCALiD, please visit www.vocalid.co/.

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Life Without Limits Golf Tournament

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On behalf of UCP of MetroBoston we would like to thank everyone who made the “Life without Limits Golf Tournament’ such a success. To our golfers, sponsors, volunteers and celebrity guests, “Thank You”! Neither the cold or wind could keep our golfers off the greens! Enjoy some snapshots of our amazing day!

Congratulations to Ken B. who was the high bidder of our Live Auction Autographed Gronk Football Shirt! Thanks for supporting UCP, Ken!

To see more photos from the golf tournament, please visit the photo album here: Life without Limits Golf Tournament photos.